When you examine a man suffering in his digestive tract, then you place your hand upon him: When you discover that it (i.e. the affliction?) has established itself on his right side, then you say: “(It) has massed together* and formed a clump*.” Then you prepare a remedy for him against it in the form of an immediately (effective) mixture: Mimi grain. To be squeezed out. (And) drunk over 4 days. When you examine him › ‹part of Eb 199 moved fom upper margin. Good! Good! Good! after doing this, (and) you find that his symptoms are as distressing/painful as earlier, then you prepare a more effective remedy in order that it (i.e. the symptoms* or the clump?) disperses (and) he recovers: Fruit/seeds of a tehwa plant: 4.68 cm³, shezepet part from the mustard plant*. To be ground; (and) cooked with sweet beer. Then you prepare an effective remedy for him from oil/fat, so that 〈it〉 departs from him: A‘at granules*, sechet barley*. To be ground; (and cooked) with oil/fat and honey. To be eaten by the man over 4 days.

*Reading uncertain