Eb 857 (103, 19 – 104, 6)

Experiential knowledge regarding an henhenet growth on the throat of a man: When you identify this on a man’s throat, with a displacement of the arut material that is on the front, (and) you find that it is like something in/on* which is “clothing”, and where this is soft under your fingers and something is on it (that is) like papayt material, then you say for this: “(This is some-)one with an henhenet growth of fat as a result of the dislocation of arut material upon the throat of a man. (This is) a disease that I shall treat.” (And) then you prepare a medicine for this for causing that (it) disappears through* an effective medium: sia drug, tun plants, propolis solution*, cattle gall, Lower Egyptian salt, cow pea flour. To be ground. (And the throat) is bound with this over 4 days.

*Reading uncertain