Eb 864 (106, 7 – 106, 13)

Experiential knowledge regarding a a’at growth of the “covering” on the “apex” of his abdomen: When you identify an a’at growth of the “covering” on the “apex” of his abdomen, in/on the upper side of his navel, then you lay your fingers on this, investigate his abdomen (through touch) (and) make sha with your fingers. When you cause* him to cough 〈until/so that〉 whatever has developed from his coughing comes out, then you say for this: “This is an a’at growth of the ‘covering’ of his abdomen. (This is) an illness that I will treat.” It is the heat from his bladder forward in his abdomen, that causes this (i.e. the illness), after it has dropped to the ground, and where (it) has returned as well. You then heat it (i.e. the growth) as a barrier to his abdomen. You should treat this according to the treatment by a cauterisation assitant.

*Reading uncertain