Eb 866 (106, 17 – 107, 1)

Experiential knowledge regarding a sefetch oil-like a’at growth on a vessel: When you identify a sefetch oil-like a’at growth on a vessel that (i.e. the sefetch oil-like growth or the vessel) has produced an a’at growth on his abdomen, (and) when your finger determines that it is like a hepa stone under your fingers, and where it does/is …*, then you say for this: “(This is) an a’at growth of a vessel. (This is) a disease that I will cut out with a knife-treatment.” You then wrap it (i.e. the disease) with fat. (And) you then treat 〈it〉 (i.e. the growth) according to the treatment of a wound on any body part of a man.

*Reading uncertain