Eb 874 (108, 17 – 109, 2)

Experiential knowledge regarding an a’at growth of (the god) Khonsu: When you identify a large a’at growth of (the god) Khonsu on any body part of a man, where it is uneven, after having formed many a’at growths (and) something has developed in him (i.e. the man), as though air is inside it, and it has caused a (characteristic) a’at growth (-like) injury, which according to you causes pain,* and is not like any (other) a’at growth -, as it is smooth, functions like a chepa’ut phenomenon, (and) all body parts where it is found are heavy/weighed down, then you say for this: “This is an a’at growth of (the god) Khonsu.” You should not do anything against (this)!

*Reading uncertain