Eb 875 (109, 2 – 109, 11)

Experiential knowledge regarding an a’at growth on any body part of a man: When you identify an a’at growth of the a’at growth in any body part of a man, then you place a bandage over it. (And) if you find that it comes and goes while attached to the flesh that is under it, then you say for this: “(This is) an intrusion from a’at growths.” Because of this you then prepare a knife-treatment for it (i.e. the growth): May* it be undone with a flint knife (and) struck with a henu instrument – (put more precisely) that which is inside it is to be struck with a henu instrument. Then you remove it with the flint knife. There is a (growth variation) among these, that is something like the mendjer body part of a mouse. (You treat it similarly and) then you remove it without taking out these seam lines*/this dressing material* that are on its side, and without disturbing the (healthy) flesh with the shas knife. (It) is to be packed with the henuyt part of some carob fruit. A (growth variation) that is like a head: This is (to be treated) in a similar manner.

*Reading uncertain