Eb 876 (109, 11 – 109, 18)

Experiential knowledge regarding a “sefetch-oil” phenomenon on any body part: When you identify a “sefetch-oil” phenomenon of a vessel on any body part, (and) you find it to be red and throbbing in the manner of a strike from a stick resulting from a blow from some (demonic) thing in all body parts, after it has formed 7 knots, then you say: “This is a ‛sefetch-oil’ affliction of a vessel.” It is a blow to a vessel that has caused it. (And) you then prepare a knife from a reed for this to* carry out a knife-treatment. When it (i.e. the sefetch affliction) bleeds excessively, then you burn it out with fire. You should handle it according to the treatment by a cauterisation assistent. When you identify (it) with many crinkles on the chenti bend/arch* of any body part, (and) inflated with its (i.e. the disease phenomenon) air, (then you say for this): “This is an enemy of the vessels.” You should not lay a hand on anything like this. This is a hopeless case.

*Reading uncertain