Eb 877 (109, 18 – 110, 9)

Experiential knowledge regarding an anut growth of the Khonsu-Slaughter: When you identify an anut growth of the Khonsu-Slaughter on any body part of a man, and you find its head is pointy and its base* is regular*, where his (i.e. the patient) eyes are green/blue* and inflamed, and his flesh is hot as a result of this, then beware! Furthermore, when you find 〈it〉 on his under arms, on his upper arms, on his groin* (and/or*) his thighs, and there is pus in it, you should do nothing against this! However, when you find it like some sort of swelling from a wound or a bruise, (namely) on the chest, on the nipples (and/or) on any (other) body part, where it comes and goes (and/or) subsides under your fingers (and) water is excreted, then you say for this: “(It) is in (my) hands.” (And) you then prepare a remedy for him to eliminate 〈it〉: Propolis*, wild wheat flour, natron, seki flour from a barn, cow peas, galena, oil/fat. To be mixed together with an ama’u plant/fruit, without adding water. The remedy is applied so that 〈he〉 will be healthy.

*Reading uncertain