Eb 858 (104, 6 – 104, 13)

Experiential knowledge regarding an henhenet growth, that has developed due to a displacement of agents of disease*: When you identify an henhenet growth that has developed as a result of the displacement of agents of disease* ›in all body parts of a man‹ (and) you find it has the consistency of a khesed growth that deteriorates, where the skin/outer layer is firm, but not too much, (and) when it (i.e. the henhenet growth) is deteriorating with/in the form of pus inside its body, then you say for this: “(This is some-)one with an henhenet growth due to agents of disease* that has produced pus. (This is) a disease that I shall treat. (And) you then prepare a remedy for this to break up the accumulated material (and to) draw out the pus: Tun plants, fruit/seeds from the tehwa plant, propolis 〈solution〉*, Lower Egyptian salt, bottle gourd, mustard plant*, flour from ama’a grains (of barley/emmer), cow pea flour, beef fat, wax. To be cooked. (The affected area) is bound with this, so that he will be healthy.

*Reading uncertain

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