Eb 861 (105, 8 – 105, 16)

Experiential knowledge regarding an henhenet growth of pus on the throat of a man: When you identify an henhenet growth of pus on the throat of a man, where it is large in relation to that **which the upper side has prepared for it (i.e. where on its upper surface the pus takes up much space, and is very widespread?),** that has produced festering flesh, that is years or (only) months old, and where the consistency of the material that comes from it is like the spawn* of a weha’u bearded catfish, a large sar bearded catfish*, then you say for this: “(This is some-)one with an henhenet growth of pus. (This is) a disease with which I will fight.” (And) you then prepare a remedy for this that shall draw out the accumulated material in his throat: Wax, steer fat, “thorn-wood”, tjeru ochre, tun plants, cumin, copper discards (shavings), malachite, bezen salt from faience, Lower Egyptian salt, goose fat, fruit/seeds from 〈…〉, frankincense, galena. To be cooked. (And) the throat is bound with this.

*Reading uncertain

**Reading of sentence section is uncertain