Eb 872 (108, 3 – 108, 9)

Experiential knowledge regarding an a’at growth of the vessels: When you identify an a’at growth of the vessels on any body part of a man, (and) you find it throbbing and firm when handled under your fingers, and where it separates from his flesh, without (however) being large, (and) it does not therefore give 〈…〉, then you say for this: “This is an a’at growth of the vessels. (This is) a disease that I will treat.” It is the vessels that cause it. It (i.e. the growth) has developed as a result of an injury to a vessel. Because of this you then prepare a knife-treatment for it (i.e. the growth). It (i.e. the knife) is to be heated in a fire. It (i.e. the growth) should not bleed too much. You then handle it according to the treatment by a cauterisation assistant.